Ms. Nikki is a fictional character in the Indian Television series Saath Nibhana Saathiya and she is Komkila's neighbour.

Nikki was first seen arriving in Rajkot and was at first friends with Kokila, but Nikki was always nagging Kokila a lot.

Nikki asked Jigar if she could take a couple of lemons, but instead, she ordered Meethi to take down all the lemon's on the tree.

when Kokila found out, she then told Jigar what had happened and he said that he said to her that she could only take a few lemons off the tree.

Ms. Nikki then got shouted at by Kokila because she then wanted to put all of her plants in her garden and she was confrounted by Kokila, with all the family and neighbours watching, including Ms. Savita.

When they arrived at the temple, Ms. Nikki said that everything in Rajkot was so tiny and Ms. Savita the said that she should have gone back to Mumbai ages ago.

Whilst in the temple, and praying to Lord Krishna, Ms. Nikki threw a coconut at Ms. Kokila and she was then found out moments later.

Soon after that, she then teamed up with Ms. Savita so that they could get back at Kokila.

Ms Nikki and Savita were soon friends and when Kokila was in prison for allegedly finding out the sex of Rashi's twins, Ms Nikki and Savita both taunted her and made her feel bad.

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